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the new cemetery Jardin Perdu

the new cemetery Jardin Perdu, Carantec (29) - 2007 / 2009

The old cemetery of the town of Carantec has become too small and cannot be extended. A new cemetery has been envisaged not far from the road to Morlaix. Landscaped, it offers traditional burial plots, a columbarium and underground vaults. A long white concrete wall indicates the entrance. There are three buildings: one for non-religious ceremonies, a covered columbarium, and a building containing toilets and storage facilities. The tombs are arranged on plots of land enclosed by planted slopes. A large lawn is reserved for a future extension. Rainwater is conducted to a pool near the ceremonial building.
The new cemetery Beausoleil

The new cemetery Beausoleil, Les Sorinières (44) - 2006 / 2009

The new cemetery of Sorinières is set in a rural context straddling a thalweg. As the subsoil does not permit the construction of underground vaults, the project consists of square platforms installed above ground to provide the thickness necessary for the installation of vaults.
The programme consists of 360 vaults, a columbarium and commemorative steles to carry the names of the deceased whose ashes are scattered in the garden of remembrance, a place for burying funeral urns and another for natural earth burials.
New Cementery Vincé, phase #1

New Cementery Vincé, phase #1, Mordelles (35) - 1998 / 2000

The new cemetery in Mordelles is located to the east of the town, at the entrance of the new Val de Sermon eco-districts.
An East-West axis orients it towards the centre of Mordelles and uses the symbolism of the rising and setting sun. This axis is bounded on the east by the columbarium, and on the west by a stretch of landscape, an esplanade creating a distance from a roundabout. A great swamp oak, planted to celebrate s the turn of the century, and a large granite cube mark the entrance . The layout is based on squares and allows a certain intimacy in the personal relationship with tomb and memory. Black trellises are installed as fences whilst waiting for the hedges to grow. A garden of memories is just by the entrance, next to the shelter for civil ceremonies. A square for buried urns gives onto it.
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