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"Energy Zero" Water tower

"Energy Zero" Water tower, Pacé (35) - 2000 / 2006

This 1,400 m3 water tower is designed like a building in order for it to blend in with the urban context due to be built around it. A sustainable design, it doesn’t use a pump and its maintenance is kept to a bare minimum by the use of raw concrete, galvanised steel and a flower meadow. It’s height and lowest point are determined by the water pressure of the network that fills it, and by the effect of gravity used to empty it without losing any pressure. This system also allows water distribution to continue when electricity is cut. It is only lit up for visibility at dawn.
New Town Hall

New Town Hall, Magny-les-Hameaux - 1997 / 2001

Magny-Les-Hameaux is part of the Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines new town. Its former town hall in the old part of the town having become obsolete, a new site was chosen in a new district near the junction of the RD 938 and 195 roads.
The new town hall was designed like a monument, as there was little for it to blend in with on the site, and it was necessary to make an architectural statement of the beginning of the construction of the district. This public edifice punctuates the town, reflecting the composite nature of the programme, the surroundings, the existing and future scale of construction …
Town hall

Town hall, Plourin-Lès-Morlaix (29) - 1991 / 1994

The need for the creation of a central place for the fragmented territory of Plourin-Lès-Morlaix (1/3 countryside, 1/3 suburb of Morlaix, 1/3 small town) necessitated the grouping of a new town hall and a new multimedia library. It is organised between a former administrative area and a monumental boardroom serving as a venue for civil marriages.
It plays on scale and materials to create non-stylised, but coherent continuity with the Breton architecture of this small town: granite and lime plaster. The town hall and multimedia library were together conceived to blend in with the urban landscape , not to be an architectural object; it is impossible to see it in its entirety.
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