Architecture (Activity)

Serpollet Industrial Hotel - 1989 / 1991 Paris (75020)

Project team

- atelierphilippemadec (Paris)
- Scobat, general surveyors 
- Tim Smith, painter


RIVP (Régie Immobilière de la Ville de Paris – City of Paris Real Estate Management)

On the edge of the ring road at the Porte de Bagnolet exit, between a 1950s housing estate and a stadium, the Serpollet Industrial Hotel echoes these spatial and historical conditions. It is set up to help retain artisanal and industrial activities in the capital; rather than their migrating to the suburbs. 
Built out of concrete in order to respond to the risk of overloaded floors (1,100 and 600 kg/m2), with an absence of partitions, each storey can be used flexibly for all sorts of programmes. There is a trapdoor in each floor, to allow eventual vertical communication. 
All environmental questions have been taken into account :
Acoustic comfort is ensured with limited openings onto the ring road and a high acoustic quality is guaranteed in the carpentry workshops; thermal comfort is provided by sun shades protecting exposed façades from direct sunlight; there is a major presence of natural  light everywhere; the possibility of nocturnal free-cooling for all parts of the building with four facades, and so on. 
The artist Tim Smith participated in the choice of colour scheme for the building, from the entrance hall to the top floor via the stairwell. The future ageing of colours under the effects of pollution was taken into account in this selection.

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