Town Planning (Public spaces)

Town Hall Square - 1991 / 1994 Plourin-Lès-Morlaix (29)

Project team


- atelierphilippemadec (paris)
- I2C ingénierie 



Plourin-Lès-Morlaix local council

Place François Mitterand, the multimedia library garden, and the town hall boardroom mineral garden all belong to the general project of public areas in the centre of Plourin-Lès-Morlaix. The square is the place where the Iron Age pillar finds a coherent place in the centre of the town, surrounded by oaks, bracken, and herbaceous plants. It is a place where rows of benches welcome families. The multimedia garden is in a hollow oriented towards the church belfry, a meeting place. The peaceful Town Hall Garden serves as a gathering place after meetings and marriages in the Town Hall. Michael van Valkenburgh, a partner in the Jardin des Tuilleries competition, adds his radical touch with a mineral garden: stone and water. 

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