Architecture (Cultural)

Positive Energy Entrance Pavillion, QE - 2004 / 2005 Saint-Vougeay 29)

Project team

- atelierphilippemadec (Paris), architecture
- I2C ingénierie, structural and financial surveyors 
- François Dilasser, painter

Sponsor :
Total Energie, for the solar panels


Conseil Général du Finistère

Gross Net Area: 20 m2 | Cost: €12.000 plus additional taxes

In 2004, at the entrance to the exhibition Chez Soi (At Home), this pavilion used the idea of the archetypal Breton house, the simplicity of which was lauded by Le Corbusier. The following year, it was renovated for the exhibition Architecture au Corps (Architecture and Body), and covered with pictures of its construction, the carpenters playing an active part.
It is a positive energy house (photovoltaic panels for lighting, built entirely of wood and Wodego ecological particle panels, placed on the ground without damaging it, displayed an ecological commitment visible at first glance, playing its part  in the educational function of the exhibition.
The painter François Dilasser fine-tuned the colour scheme of its interior in relation to the grey-yellow granite of the Château de Kerjean, a magnificent example of Renaissance architecture in Britanny. 

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