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Renovation of Regional ‘First Degree’ School _ EQ

Renovation of Regional ‘First Degree’ School _ EQ, La Verrière (78) - 2000 / 2007

he initial purpose of ERPDs (Écoles Régionales du Premier Degré - Regional First Degree Schools) was to provide a boarding school education for the children of boatmen and travelling communities such as fairground people. The gradual reduction in the number of such families has made room for other children whose social and family backgrounds makes it difficult for them to fit in in mainstream schools. The École Régionale de Premier Degré de la Verrière was built in ? by the architect ? Grand Prix de Rome with façades by the CMIT de Lorraine, the former Jean Prouvé atelier.
Institut du Management Environnemental HQE & VNAC

Institut du Management Environnemental HQE & VNAC, Ploufragan (22) - 2001 / 2006

The Côtes d’Armor Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Union Patronale local business confederation together founded this EXCELTYS Environmental Management Institute, providing businesses with sustainable development services, training, and advice.
Before coming to fruition, this project underwent numerous variations in response to a competition launched for a high environmental quality design. Initially intended to be situated on the former Saint-Brieuc airport site, it ended up being built at the Plouragan Zoopôle, of which the urban planning and landscape design is the work of landscapers Pascal Hannetel & partners.
HEQ Rouget-de-Lisle Leisure Centre

HEQ Rouget-de-Lisle Leisure Centre, Nanterre (92) - 1999 / 2003

Situated between the RER A suburban railway lines, a concerted development zone of small collectives, an old pavilliondistrict and schools, the Rouget-de-Lisle leisure centre meets environmental standards to give a place of well-being to the children of Nanterre, a western suburb of Paris. A series of pavillions hosts activities for children, next to a T-shaped aqueduct. The development faces onto the street leading towards the RER suburban railway and on to a covered playground that offers acoustic protection and where the water from the aqueduct falls.
The forecourt leads on from the pedestrian crossing, and is extended through the building by a transparent hall.
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