Architecture (Education)

Positive Energy Olympic Landmark - 2004 Paris 75017

Project team

- atelierphilippemadec (Paris), architecture
- Virginie Jacquier, architecture
- Jean-Marc Weill C&E Ingénierie, structural engineering
- Arc-en scène, scenography
- Tribu, environmental consultants



When the City of Paris was a candidate for the 2012 Olympic Games, atelierphilippemadec responded to a call for proposals launched by the Pavillon de l’Arsenal, Paris’ architecture and town planning exhibition hall and information centre. The project is comprised of a flame with a luminous ball at its heart. A very light, low-energy-consumption structure that Jean-Marc Weill designed, inspired by the techniques of the soviet engineer Chukov, was 150 metres highcompleted at its  base by inflatable structures made  of the recyclable  plastic material polypropylene. At the tip of the flame, golden wind turbines on a vertical axis produced enough energy for the entire construction, and more. 

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