Architecture (Group Housing)

21 Social Housing Homes - 1992 / 1995 Paris (75020)

Project team

- atelierphilippemadec (Paris), architecture
- Jérome Mesnager, artist


RIVP (Régie Immobilière de la Ville de Paris – City of Paris Real Estate Management) 

adress : 3 rue de la Duée 75020 Paris

mission : complète + paysage | surface : 2 030 m² S.H.O.N. | coût : 1 594 616 euro H.T. (valeur 1992)

This group of 21 PLI (Prêt Locatif Interimaire – Interim Rental Loan) Social Housing Homes is situated in the heart of the 20th arrondissement of Paris. Facing the Saint Simonien Square, this residential building is a continuation/ reinterpretation of Parisian architectural archetypes: classic themes such as the repeated vertical window, wooden louvered shutters, balconies, metal railings, attics and zinc roofs.  The allotment, running between rue de la Duée and rue de Pixéricourt, is organised around a garden with supple lines that links both buildings at ground level. The limits between the interior and the exterior are revealed by careful framing that resituates the city-dweller in a particular relationship to the urban landscape. 

The environmental characteristics of this building are : 
- abundant natural light in homes, including in numerous bathrooms.
- natural light on all the landings
- a generous use of wood (red cedar cladding,  pine shutters, wood and aluminium exterior carpentry, solid oak parquet, an interior pine staircase and   interior woodwork. 
- high performance collective gas heating
- zero maintenance of façade thanks to raw materials (concrete, wood and zinc)
- the creation ofthree small gardens

A work of art by the artist Jérôme Mesnager unfolds along the entire ground floor façade (a poetic farandole of chalk-white figures).

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