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Sinbad's New Worlds

Sinbad's New Worlds, Casablanca (Morocco) - 2008 / 2016

The Parc d'Attractions de Sindibad (Sinbad Amusement Park) is a prominent feature of Casablanca. Not only is it very visible, with its prominent figure of a sailor on Boulevard de l'Océan Atlantique, but above all because it stirs happy memories nourishing a strong desire for it to be given a new lease of life.
Desiring a renewal of the amusement park, the Moroccan authorities ? national, provincial and city ? launched an international request for proposals for the design of the new park, its financing and its management. Joining forces with Groupe Alliances associated with Palmeraie Développement, Somed, and Actif Invest for the financial end of things, and with the Compagnie des Alpes for management, the project has consolidated a metropolitan, eco-responsible commitment.
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