Town Planning (Amusement parks)

Sinbad's New Worlds - 2008 / 2016 Casablanca (Morocco)

Project team

- atelierphilippemadec (Paris), general town planning, architecture 
- CPO, programming
- Groupe Signes, landscaping
- Tribu, environmental consulting 
- Construction & Environnement, structures 
- X Largo, attractions design
- Lagraph, graphic design


The City of Casablanca
Developers: Groupe Alliances, Palmeraie Développement, Somed, Actif Invest
Partners: Compagnie des Alpes

Status: International request for proposals / negotiations in progress

The Parc d'Attractions de Sindibad (Sinbad Amusement Park) is a prominent feature of Casablanca. Not only is it very visible, with its prominent figure of a sailor on Boulevard de l'Océan Atlantique, but above all because it stirs happy memories nourishing a strong desire for it to be given a new lease of life. 
Desiring a renewal of the amusement park, the Moroccan authorities / national, provincial and city ? launched an international request for proposals for the design of the new park, its financing and its management. Joining forces with Groupe Alliances associated with Palmeraie Développement, Somed, and Actif Invest for the financial end of things, and with the Compagnie des Alpes for management, the project has consolidated a metropolitan, eco-responsible commitment. 
Added to the amusement park are an animal park, an ecological park, an archaeological park and an urban park. Developed from the concept of "Sinbad's New Worlds", it is structured into thematic islands referring to the countries on the sailor's journeys. The animal park is also divided into five "biotopes", like the five continents. The ecological park, in the most noble, albeit most deteriorated part of the site, is based on a "re-naturation". The archaeological park is situated where the oldest human remains in North Africa were found. The urban park at the edge of the sea below, shielded from the wind, welcomes families and joggers. 
The water running from five sources at the top of the site creates natural links between all these parks. An Earth House allows the appreciation of the natural dimension of all these locations with an environment awareness-raising programme. A tower in the park signposts each area. The overall project is linked to the property development of the Schneider quarries (See the Sustainable districts of Sindibad).

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