Town Planning (Territory Planning)

Creation of the Village of Tifnit - 2008 / 2011 Tifnit (Marocco)

Project team

- atelierphilippemadec (Paris) general town planning, appointed
- atelierphilippemade (Paris) architecture of the development
- Jourda Architectes Paris for the hotels along the beach 
- C&E, architecture, for the interpretation centre
- Groupe Signes, landscaping and transport and utility infrastructure
- Tribu, environmental consultancy
- Agrisud International, NGO for social and economic aspects 
- lagraph., graphic design


The Moroccan State and the Ministry of Tourism
Developers: Groupe Alliances
Partners: TUI First Choice, Accor, Hyatt

With a view to developing the south of Morocco, the state has made plans to create tourism clusters, one of which is a project in the Souss Massa National Park. In 2004 a Club Méditerranée project triggered one of the very first ecological revolts in Morocco. As a result a programme very committed to eco-tourism was developed with an international call for proposals. Atelierphilippemadec was appointed by Groupe Alliances to make a bid to design and build the whole project.
As well as enlarging its team to include Françoise-Hélène Jourda’s architectural practice, the architect and engineer Jean-Marc Weill, and Groupe Signes for landscaping, atelierphilippemadec also joined forces with Agrisud International, an NGO specialising in micro-enterprises, in order to optimise relations between this 200,000 m2 project and the neighbouring fishing and agricultural villages. Ateliephilippemadec was also advised by France’s World Wildlife Fund  (WWF) in order to protect local fauna and flora (notably the Bald Ibis). The project is set to be awarded the ONE PLANET LIVING label by BioRegional and the WWF.

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