Town Planning (Urban project environmentally responsible)

The Fort d'Aubervilliers Sustainable District (NQU 2011) - 2007 / 2014 Aubervilliers (93)

Project team

- atelierphilippemadec (Paris & Rennes), town planning
- Atelier Eric François, landscaping
- Tribu conseil, environment
- Mc Pro, general surveyors
- CPO, programming
- Ardissa, financial engineering
- Score 2D and Hervé Saillet, civic participation
- lagraph., graphic design


The Etat et Plaine Commune

The Aubervilliers Fortress has long been a textbook example in urban studies. Following a feasibility study, atelierphilippemadec was asked to produce a sustainable development plan for 1,000 homes in this area. The presence of the Zingaro equestrian circus run by Bartabas, artists in residence and 8 hectares of allotments orient this urban project around the 19th century fortress. 
Civic participation will be part of the entire design process, organised by Score 2D and Hervé Saillet, founder of the organisation Robin des Villes (Robin of the Cities, as in Robin Hood).

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